BILLIE TANGO & NICO ELI – Oregon (October/November ’13)

Angel Darling Reina Lynn

Arminda Nadine

Asa Marcus

Audrey Koo (Bailey Julene)

Bailey Julene (Aubrey Koo)

Bane Alexander Ross

Billie Tango

Calla Rose

Chevin Gage

Cristian Uriel

Grace Lena

Hunter Scott

Iris Olivia

Irving Kevin

Jacob Evanow

Kano Sophia

Kenzlea Mae

Koah Gene

Libby Maylihn 

Lillian Glee Marie

Lilly Fawn

Luka Odin

Lukkias Wayne

Mabyn Avery (f)

Magnolia Grace

Mason Joe

Milly Shay

Molly Joanna

Natalie Maren

Nico Eli

Pippa Dale Pearl Lynn

Rain Nihasa

Roan William

Rustyn Jase

Ryker Lorraine (f)

Rylan Reece

Sage Xander

Samuel Roscoe

Sebastian Sargent

Silas Cole

Snow Lee

Sullivan Bernard

Titus James

Toby Alexander

Viridiana del Carmen

Xavier Adan

Zakiah Rylee

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FLETCHER & KAIROS – Minnesota (April ’13)

Aubrie Maxine Jean

Brentlee Otto (Kyndra)

Claire Monroe (Joella)

Eila Christa

Elsa Kate (Beckett & Ike)

Elin Nancy (Emrick)

Finnley Kenneth (Brycen Mitchell)

Fletcher Joseph

Freya Brooklyn (Finn & Reed)

Gavin Siegfried (Gabrielle)

Giada Mary

Hanna Hilma

Hattie Ruth

Hazel Lyn (Violet)

Isaac Blas (Brooklyn)

Jackson Crosby

Jude William

Kairos Ann (Adrian Allen)

Kendelle Lee

Lempi Elena

Macey Diane (Kendra, Molly, Samantha, Matthew & Luke)

Marquette Brynn

Matilda Marie (Olivia, Benny, Will & Charlie)

Monica Kay

Netza Moises

Quinn Louise

Samaera May

Sawyer Patrick Gordon

Shyla Ludwina

Sienna Brink (Macy & Eva)

Taylor Amys

Tenley Mae (Brennan)

Tucker Easton

Weston Michael

Will Joesa (Aydria)

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So from now onwards I’m going to do a weekly column called ‘Climber of the Week’ about a rising name I observe from birth announcements! This week the name is¬†Stetson.

I’ve witnessed Stetson in multiple birth announcements and a few of them have been posted recently like in the April announcements for Tennessee, Georgia and Wisconsin. Clearly it’s a very American name (note the famous brand of hats from which, surely, some of these parents have found their sons’ names). I’m not too sure how I feel about Stetson, though. As an Australian, the connotations are way less noticeable and it’s a nice, sturdy surname-name that offsets favourites such as Parker, Miller and Wilson. I don’t know how easy it’d be to get over the millinery ties anywhere else though. Ultimately, it’s this week’s Climber of the Week, rising in popularity from what I can see at least in southern states of the US. This week I’ve heard it paired with the middle names of Donald, James and Reed.

Until next time!


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Albert Matthew Jenson (Henrietta)

Alfred John Inigo (Daisy & Joseph)

Annabel Daisy Wynn

Arabella Sophie Lavinia

Beatrice Eleanor

Benedict Geoffrey D’Arcy

Bertram Joseph Orion (twin to Cosmo George Russell)

Biggles George Fittleworth (twin to Posie Betsy Winifred, brother to Tuppence)

Bonnie Blue Una (Bruno)

Cecily Imogen Louisa

Clement Willoughby Francis St George (Loveday)

Cora Antonia (Zach)

Cosmo George Russell (twin to Bertram Joseph Orion)

Cosmo Henry Hugo Wilfred (Ottilie)

Daisy Viola (Thomas)

Enya Maria Elizabeth

Florence Mary Catherine

Francis David Playfair (Agnes)

Freddie Hamish Robert (George)

Georgiana Jane Harrington (Oliver)

Harriet Enid (Isobel)

Harry Anthony Aylmer

Hector Thomas Robert (Magnus)

Helen Saxon (Isabel)

Honor Catherine Jessica (Alexander)

Hugo Jasper Gilfillan (Poppy & Otto)

Iris Joan Claire (Ned)

Isaac Sebastian Ross

Jemma Lily (Ella Rose)

Kirin Nora (Taiga)

Leo Ferdinand John (Melissa)

Martha Amelia (Fergus)

Myles Jonathan (Imogen)

Octavia Cloud Indigo (Cosima, George & Cressida)

Oliver Rupert

Orlando Charles (Saffron)

Ottilie Elizabeth (Isla)

Poppy Ida Anne

Posie Betsy Winifred (twin to Biggles George Fittleworth, sister to Tuppence)

Rose Mary Blossom

Rowland Oscar

Samuel Alexander Holland (Arthur & Bertie)

Teddy Ronald

Tessa Rose

Thomas Philip Stephen (Emma & Charlotte)

Wilbur Inigo Humphrey (Charlie, Georgia, William & Olivia)

* this list was taken from the Times and the Telegraph, so it includes lots of expats living places other than the UK but all from there originally. 

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NEVEN SASHA & WILLOW SALEM – Tennessee (April ’13)

Adley Irene

Allie Noel

Alyssa Diane

Anson Oliver Key

Austin Smiddy

Brady Tate

Briar Tate

Caedmon Anthony

Cecilia Maribel

Chancellor Keith

Cianna Stea

Clara Rose

Colt Beau

Declan Ezekiel

Dixie Larissa Pearl

Elijah Blue Eugene

Ember Lily

Harper Kate Elizabeth

Ilana Daniela

James Tyberius

Joseph Bartley (twin to Theodore Bryan)

Kora Leigh

Lela Fae

Logan Faulkner

Lunabella Fae

Maguire Jay (twin to Marguerite Marie)

Marguerite Marie (twin to Maguire Jay)

Mason Augustus

Mattie Kate

Molly-Jae Monroe

Monroe Duvall (f)

Neven Sasha (m)

Pacey James (f)

Seth Shepard

Silas Cash

Stetson Donald

Tabetha Lynn

Talan Harper (f)

Theodore Bryan (twin to Joseph Bartley)

Thomas Jaxson Bain

Thompson Banner

Torsten William

Tristan Aramis

Willow Rigby

Willow Salem

Zachary Matthew Silas

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ISEABAIL & THORFINN – Scotland (April ’13)

Aimee Isabel

Ainslie Martin (m)

Alistair Cason

Ava Bronte

Ava Vicky Alice

Blair Angus John

Billy Fletcher

Brigid Rose Stanislava

Callan James

Camilla Rose

Campbell Harris

Charlie Davies

Edith Honeybee

Elinor Peta

Elspeth Morag

Emilia Grace

Evie Beth Rhena

Fraser James

Freya Annabelle

Gregor David Reid

Harris Robert

Heather Mara

Helena Eve

Iseabail Mary

Innes David Martyn

Iona Helen (twin to Maddy Fiona)

Jack William

Jake Hugh

Joshua Robert Watkins

Lachie Seamus

Leo Thomas

Lewis George Allan

Libby Jane

Lillie Rene

Lochlan Edward

Lucy Grace

Maddy Fiona (twin to Iona Helen)

Michael Robert John

Niamh Georgia

Noah Kerr

Ollie George

Oscar Jude

Poppy Anne

Priya Louise

Saffron Maggie

Thorfinn Angel

Torin Matthew

Some lovely and unusual names from Scotland last month! It’s nice to see beautiful Scottish favourites like Iona, Niamh and Freya being used for girls but I’m particularly in love with Elinor Peta and Saffron Maggie! For boys, Innes, Gregor, Harris and Campbell are all charming but for some reason it’s Billy Fletcher that’s won my heart. In the way of interesting monikers, check out Iseabail Mary & Thorfinn Angel! :)

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SKAARSON & VAYDA – Georgia (April ’13)

Aerie Nico (f)

Ava Cruz

Auryn Crews (m)

Bahar Melissa

Bianca Bayobay

Blessing Freana

Braylee Kate

Brooklynn Zuri

Byron Monroe

Cassian Jace

Charleston Rhodes

Christopher Otis

Corinne Holland Grace

Crisalyn Ivyuna

Dallas Marie

Dalton Cy

Easton Blaine (m)

Eddie Lamar

Eli Nehemiah

Eliza Rhee

Elizabeth Shelby

Emberly Anna

Evelina July

Ezeriah Estanislao

Fuller Stillman

Grady Taylor

Grant Ezra

Grayson Emmarie (f)

Honor Kaden (f)

Jacob Hugh Moon

Journee Dior (f)

Kerrington Faith

Lennon Salvatore

Lyric Xavier

Mattie Elizabeth

Millie Grace

Oakley Jacob

Olivia Louvelle

Rosalie Lauren

Silas Asher

Skaarson Truss

Stetson James

Tommy Bentley

Tyler Kenteller

Vayda Marie-Skye

Willow Ann

Wynter Anne

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